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Blogging and Social Media
October 1, 2010 – 8:15 pm | No Comment
Jillian Ney

Jillian Ney

Our newest feature writer is Jillian Ney,

Originally from Dumfries, Jillian moved to Glasgow to study for her first degree at the University of Strathclyde. Achieving a first class honours degree, Jillian developed a strong interest in research, particularly into new media. Now in her third year of doctoral research, Jillian is attracting a lot of interest on the world stage.

Jillian’s research considers the use of social media in a high involvement purchase decision. Examining the relative importance weightings given to the various social media sources, and the cues used to evaluate online content produced through social media channels, the research comes at the right time for businesses seeking to capitalise on the growing new media trend.

We are absolutely delighted that Jillian is able to join our winning team!

Jillian has been recognised by the American Marketing Association, winning a scholarship to attend the Service Frontiers Conference is Karlstad, Sweden.

More recently she won an international blogging competition, run by Mashable on ‘the future of blogging�’. Jillian is now in receipt of a full access pass to the BlogWorld and New Media Summit in Las Vegas from October 14th to 16th.

Jillian has some strong ideas on what blogging will mean in the future as well as a general sense of the future of all online transactions. Her winning blog follows.

“As the world continues to engage, network and exchange online, familiarity and experience with the wider social media platforms will increase. This has consequential effects on how people consume media and search for information in general. As technology acceptance increases the potential to use, participate, and contribute online increases. Blogging will become an increasingly influential tool with the growth in those willing to use and participate with such media, as well as create their own individual blog.

To those who blog, the already important issues of creating online trust and credibility will increase the cues used to build transparency and authenticity of the content offered and essentially them. While traffic to blogs increases so does the ability of the surfer to use increasingly complex evaluative cues to determine the credibility of both the blogger and the content. While the number of blogs may increase, individuals will be better experienced to determine the quality of the blog – meaning that there will probably be a few leading blogs, creating a ‘community’ that other social media platforms already have, with other bloggers who do it for love and addiction of promoting themselves and their ideas.

The idea of engagement borne from Web 2.0, will adapt with technological advances. Everything has a lifecycle, blogging is at the maturity stage, if not rejuvenated, it will decline. Moving with technological advances and bringing new engagement will ensure the regrowth of blogging, meaning that blogging will become more complex and dynamic. We are unlikely to know what these advances are until they happen.

However, it is likely that blogging will become the new product placement strategy for brands with those with influential independent blogs (it is already). Those who are seen to be opinion leaders in a particular area will be approached to write about and work for a brand. People buy from people and those who are seen as opinion leaders are the most influential. Again this will increase the need for online authenticity and transparency.

Blogs will grow from brand sites as well as the discerning consumer, the media, those with a niche interest or story, and those who just want to participate.’

Jillian will be writing about her PhD adventures and new media hints and tips. You can also follow Jillian on Twitter @jillney.

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