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Say no to mid-life mediocrity

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In November 2009 Lindsey Agness, best-selling author, trainer and consultant shared with us the secrets of how to become a Successful Mid-Life Woman. Since then Lindsey has launched a unique programme “..for women who believe in beginnings not endings.”

We have followed one of the delegates, Audra Lamoon, as she goes went through the programme. This is the final piece of Audra’s blog:

Module 3
Another fun packed weekend of work, delving into ourselves with a large dose of openness and honesty thrown in! Even the coaches were drained this month! It may have had something to do with having bedrooms being situated over a late night disco in the Hythe Imperial Hotel however!

This module was called ‘Be You’ as it focuses on learning more about who we are at our core and what’s most important to us. Day 1 was all about the Attitude ‘I know who I am’. We looked at how we spend our time, we learnt about our personalities as represented by six different goddesses and we worked on our personal mission statements. All totally amazing!

It began with the team coming together again, having not seen each other since Feb, but it could have been yesterday. We are close, we are honest and we are raring to go; what could Lindsey have in store for us this time? Well, she delved deeper into our thoughts and behaviours, making us work to be clear and precise about what we want, what we don’t want in our lives and how we are going to get it! Attitude pours from this team, and we all want to put the effort in so we can go home revived, yet exhausted at the same time! NLP techniques are used and explored and it really helps to understand why we use the language we do.

We scored our responses and fine tuned our thoughts and came out knowing what’s important to us, each time is a refining or defining moment, we all agree. We all know our Goddess type now and what a revelation, the archetypes show us where we need to increase or decrease our behaviours in order to get what we want. Going to have fun discovering that! I’m Hera, typical of a business woman (or another term for bossy!!).

Day 2 was all about finding out more about ourselves when we are truly authentic. Fascinating stuff. We worked on our values in different areas of our life and we all learnt what was most important to each of us. At the end of the last day the usual Goddess council reconvened and the usual suspects went through the usual motions of pouring out our wishes, concerns and potential changes that could be made and lovingly we send the goddess out so we can talk about her behind her back!! However, we do this for the sole purpose of feeding back to her positive and helpful remarks with homework, if required, to be completed before the next course. We all had our share and mine always comes back to cooking properly!!!! I guess my Easter meal with Easter eggs as dessert didn’t quite count as learning to cook!

The Goddesses had everything from getting ones’ mojo back to dancing sexily ..looking for new business, to my cooking obviously (no fun there!) and journaling once more. We have this off pat now the girls’ are wheeled in and out with precision, timing and finesse, all taken well and we are very good at completing the tasks set.

We are looking forward to the final 3 days in Sept in Ashford Kent, what will be in store then I wonder? One thing is for sure, we will stay friends and stay connected, afterall, we are he original Goddesses!

Module 4
Day One
The Goddess Council
We re-convened with the Goddess Council; much missed by the ladies so we got into full swing very quickly. This is where we remember our given tasks from the previous council and report on our progress.

Nikki kicked off (tissues at the ready as she always manages to have us all in tears each time she shares her story!!) by sharing with us her major decision in resigning from her highly regarded position in her firm! But Nikki is handling the situation admirably. Having the courage of her conviction, she is allowing nature to take its course and is excited, even if a little fearful, about what lies ahead! This is far removed from the Nikki we 1st met. The best action she completed this summer was getting into a wet suit for the 1st time and really enjoying a family holiday; making her family very proud of their new mum/wife…her daughter has even begun to emulate her with hair styles etc! Nikki remarked on how fabulous Janice, her coach had been and had crossed many hurdles to get to a place of strength, we all saw an amazing, new, confident and stronger Nikki…but now she sees it too! Goddess strength! Its infectious too as she took her mother on holiday, who at 65, bought a body board!

Mercy had tough hurdles, but with her coach Karen and her inner strength, she battled on and ‘moaned’ her way through it as she put it! But Mercy deserves a moan and in essence she was discovering what was blocking her from her future. So having another hard decision to make, Mercy planned her next steps to get her husband better, her movie company up and running and her charity started…who has a job too I may add. A busy lady, who uses even more of her time to help others in so many ways. So it is time for Mercy now and releasing herself from a commitment is in order! Mercy has the power to say no at last and say no from a good and positive place. Mercy is getting phenomenal attention for her film work, from a Hollywood star no less and is beaming from top to toe; so different from the quiet, retiring woman who hid her light under a bushel almost a year ago! We expect to see her film War Baby in 2012 just before the Olympics, because Mercy says so, and based on that, we are all picking our red carpet numbers out soon! Mercy has grown from within, healing herself throughout the whole AWA process and attributes it all to AWA and the Goddesses…well, naturally!!!

Audra, now a titled Lady, (long story)so should be written as Lady Audra Lamoon of Tattingstone Park; has overcome a scary throat condition, which after biopsy’s and scans and many months of uncertainty…chanted her way back to health; using the beautiful scenery from Lendrick Castle as her anchor to get well! Visualising techniques helped tremendously and she focussed instead on healing from within and understanding what causes illnesses in the 1st place. Rarely taking time for herself she took a fabulous Caribbean holiday and took a self help book, Louise L.Hay’s How to Heal Your Body and learned how to take control of her life and put right her body and address her thought process; great reinforcement for AWA. Now focussing on life after the sale of her business, Audra can see exactly how to get her animal sanctuary up and running and recognise that it no longer is a wish but a very real goal.

Sue, our very own Marilyn Monroe and glorious in pink, shared all the great actions she has completed and her endless journey! Sue always makes amazing progress and always swans into the room in bright colours, pretty makeup and hair with a trimmer body each time, though swears she hasn’t started her exotic dancing yet! (For her husbands eyes only I hasten to add!). Sue is no longer analysing to death her role at work, she understands from all quarters what is required of her and for once is leaving it up to the Gods in one sense (or Goddesses!) to make a decision for her! Sue is doing meditations which is calming her and stopping her from setting unreachable hurdles in her life. Absorbing the course like a sponge she is learning outside of AWA too…reading about energies and understanding all the time how she is changing and how its affecting her life, her husbands life and her frail parents lives…leading onto a holiday that she took them on and how wonderful it felt to have taken them from a tough situation in comparison to a pleasant one, creating new memories for them all.

Sandy, who has made the biggest physical change has lost a lot of weight (no more please!) and given herself permission to step back from corporate life and enjoy more blissful times for herself. Meditation is a key part of her day and reinforces the AWA way of life. Her mojo came back too…and there we left that, however she finally treated herself to very expensive underwear that the Goddesses had been trying to get her to do from day 1..at last! Sandy was the only person who didn’t see how attractive she was initially, but is finally feeling attractive and enjoying the social dressing up side of her life and taking her golf very seriously too…in fact, she is returning to amateur status and will become a scratch player within 2 years. Her confidence has zoomed in all areas of her life, business, family, social and golf. Sandy has learned to be more pro-active in her life rather than reactive and her continual action is to keep de-cluttering her house! Maintain the momentum Sandy!

Our lovely trainer Lindsey and coaches Janice and Karen all shared their experiences, which included new lives, old men..as in kicking them to the kerb…not literally dating old men! Family time, personal trainers, death, sickness and pet accidents..all came to help the ladies focus on the now, what’s important and what isn’t and to enjoy every moment! Lindsey is to set up a foundation or charity in the name of her friend who sadly died in a bus crash in Jordan and the Goddesses are making the 1st contribution by way of an auction. All women should have the chance to go on the AWA course and the auction will help to raise funds.

Goddess Council over, the day then continued with Meditation to focus on what we needed to know, or what we wanted to attract in our lives. Taking Time for oneself was important and we committed time to ourselves to do the things we chose to do for ourselves.

Our thoughts on Finances were addressed to show us how to attract more cash but also to use the same method to attract anything else in our lives too.

Energy! – Dowsing Rods!
None of the Goddesses had used dowsing rods before and we used them to measure our auras …first by telling us to hold our energies in, then externalise them and then to project them as far as we could and the rods crossed and flitted about at different paces according to our projections. Then, without the rods (and some with closed eyes) we walked towards the Goddesses in turn, judging where their auras finished and was an amazing experience and showed us how to channel our auras and use them to our advantage when in different situations such as meetings, negotiations, presentation skills, arguments!!!! This became one of the largest lessons learned of the day. That and the Goddesses journeys since the beginning of the course; as we all truly have come a long way and been tested on many levels, but we always had the support of the council, the coaches and ourselves….roll on day 2!

Day 2
We started with a meditation seeing as we all loved that technique and that set the day perfectly. Next was the auction and we didn’t expect to reach the amount we did, £500 between 8 of us! We all went home with gifts and a jolly good start to the Mary O’Flynn Foundation..as it will be called. Well done Goddesses!

The rest of the day was devoted to Time Line Therapy. This is an amazing emotional spring clean and after theory and a demo on Lady Tattingstone (AKA Audra) the coaches then proceeded to take us through all of the emotions that needed to be eradicated from our lives; anger, sadness, fear, guilt and hurt. The responses were very personal and ranged from tears to laughter. As observers we noticed facial expressions changing to shifts in body language and relief! It was a tiring experience for most of us but we agreed a cathartic one…well apart from one Goddess who wouldn’t say she enjoyed but, but it certainly highlighted an area of life that needed addressing. Stats suggest that 85% of people can release unwanted emotions through this process in 10 mins!

I would recommend this to anyone with an open mind as you work with your subconscious mind and its interesting to see what messages the subconscious can bring, try it with a Timeline Therapy practitioner only though as can be very emotional and you need guiding through that.

Day 3
The Finale! The day began with more meditation, of which we have all become a fan of so we promised ourselves to continue using this every day of our lives if we can. Then we began to learn more about Limiting Beliefs. The only way to predict your future is to create it so we used Time Line Therapy to eliminate all of our limiting beliefs, such as , ‘I can’t lose weight’ or ‘ I can’t sing’ for example’..there were others more personal of course. I actually threw away the best chocolate muffin I’ve ever tasted after the session as yes, the weight one was one of my beliefs…day 2 of my sensible eating and so far so good..will know in good time how well I got rid of my old limiting belief!

Then came the Board Break! This was exciting and seeing as we ladies had already walked on fire and broken an arrow with our necks by falling on it..was no great shakes! We KNEW we would do it and we all did it 1st time! One Goddess knew she wasn’t ready and was really brave in saying no..she knew her own mind and her mind wasn’t ready, so we all clapped for her as she breathed in so much energy for the rest of us to do it and celebrated with us when we did it…all appreciated!

We did many breathing exercises to get the energy flowing and psyched ourselves up to take on the mental challenge of breaking a piece of wood, approximately 12″ by 12″ and was 1.5 inches thick! We drew our goals on 1 side and limiting beliefs on the other so we could crash through any barriers to either. A gorgeous photographer was snapping away with his camera at this exercise with us, through to the ceremonial breaking and was great to see the sequence of events from the breathing to the breaking of the board..all captured on film!

We then learned more on how to create our future and a process to manifest it, which was powerful and easy to do…this led to the final Goddess Counsel, well for this course anyway. Apart from the 1st ever session, this was very emotional for me, though we saw so many happy ‘turn arounds’ for the Goddesses, there was something final about this chapter. We all thanked one another for the friendship, support, care , listening and brilliant advice that led us all on our journeys.

With more suggestions to each other on how to continue the brilliant work we have all committed ourselves to do, we in turn thanked Lindsey, Karen and Janice for their endless support and patience and commended them on a brilliant first ever Age With Attitude course…and that’s not the end of the counsel….watch this space!
The Goddesses have spoken!

Audra Lamoon
Goddess Counsel
Age With Attitude!

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