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Simon Brown

Simon Brown

CHI ENERGY The word chi comes from China and writings around 500 BC link the word to breath and blood. There are now many interpretations and expressions of chi but it is difficult to tie down in a few words. The article below will give you a feel for what chi is. Chi is also known as Ki in Japan.

Chi energy is a subtle electro magnetic energy that runs through everything we know. It carries information with it as it flows from one thing to another. The energy flowing through your body will predominantly carry your thoughts, feelings and emotions, but will mix with other energies around you.

You could imagine it as an energy field that runs through you and around you � a bit like a magnetic field. All the time some of your energy is floating off, away from you, whilst you also draw in new energy from the ambient energy around you.

This implies that some of your thoughts and emotions literally float off into world around you. Somewhere out there will be the energy of your all your thoughts, emotions and beliefs floating around our planet. This is sometimes referred to as mass consciousness. The idea is that everyone�s ideas surround us and when you really relax you can tap into these thoughts and pick up interesting insights and even solutions to your own problems.

The fresh chi energy you draw into your own chi energy field brings in something of the world around you. This would include the energy of the weather, the chi of people close to you, the atmosphere of your home and the living energy of the food you eat. As any of these chi energies enter your own chi energy field they will alter your own chi resulting in you feeling different and having new thoughts and feelings.

In addition to the chi energy being radiated and absorbed by your body you can change the energy within you. The cloths you wear, having a shower, doing some stretching or acupuncture would all change your energy field and again make you feel and think differently.

Common practices that specifically aim to change our chi are feng shui, macrobiotics, healing, shiatsu, EFT, acupuncture, tai chi, chi gong and many martial arts. The way chi moves, its nature and character can be described in terms of yin and yang as well as the five elements.

In Chinese medicine chi is thought to mirror the flow of our blood and ultimately nourish every cell in our body. This suggests that not only our thoughts and emotions have some influence on the cells in our body but that external forces would also potentially have a subtle influence on our bodies right down to every cell.

In subjects including shiatsu and acupuncture chi is said to flow along pathways called meridians and that it can be most easily influenced at specific point along each meridian called tsubos in Japan.

The key to all this is that your chi energy field connects you to everything else whether you like it or not. No man really is an island. The secret to making all this work is to understand the process and find how you can actually make this help you in life.

The way chi flows has traditionally been described in terms of yin and yangas well as the five elements. However we can also describe chi in modern language using words like; fast, slow, up, down, in, out, expanded, contracted, dispersed, concentrated, steady, volatile, meadering, straight and so on.

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