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Life Changes

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Simon Brown

Simon Brown

Simon G Brown has studied macrobiotics since 1980 and authored many books, including Modern Day Macrobiotics, Macrobiotics for Life and Practical Wabi Sabi.

In past issues of the magazine Simon has introduced us to Macrobiotics, Wabi Sabi, Meditation and more.

This month Simon talks about living in an elastic, malleable, flexible universe where even time and gravity change.

The one constant in life is change. According to scientists we live in an elastic, malleable, flexible universe where even time and gravity change.

Our experience of life comes through change. The first time we experienced temperature was when we were born. Whilst in our mother’s womb we were at a consistent temperature and only able to experience cold with a sudden drop in temperature during birth. Similarly our senses work by detecting change. We see by sensing different light frequencies and intensities, otherwise standing in a room where everything is exactly the same colour we would not be able to distinguish where one object begins and another ends.

So if the way we engage and connect to the world we inhabit is through change then we might ask the question as to whether change can help us better engage in life itself. Does an open mind, flexible attitude and willingness to try new experiences help us live a life richer and deeper in experiences? Will those experiences help us evolve, develop and become more flexible?

We live in a changing world where our environment slowly evolves and nature moves through her various cycles. At the same time our understanding of our universe has gone through huge changes. Flat earth to round earth, centre to our solar system to edge of the galaxy, absolute physics to relativity to probabilities, religion to evolution and so on. Logic would say that this will continue and all that we assume to be true now will be replaced by newer theories.

Interestingly we seem to have a common desire to stop at some point on our journey through life and dig in. We come into this world full of curiosity with a desire to explore, and then somewhere along this adventure we decide it is time to just stick with what we know and live out the rest of our lives within the boundaries we construct around us.

In fact sometimes we can become so entrenched in our current beliefs that we seem to stop and dig ourselves a hole. The deeper we dig the smaller our world becomes until we are limited to the hole we have dug for ourselves. It is a lovely surprise to climb out of the hole and see the big view of what is around us again.

Change as a way of living does not mean simply replacing one belief with another. Change can be a different way of living where just as we enjoy seeing a range of colours and shapes, we can play with a range of ideas and perceptions. If we can escape the need for ideas to be right or wrong we can embrace and play with a huge range of ideas even if on one level they might be contradictory. Sometimes one way of thinking will feel relevant and another time a different view might serve us better. Giving ourselves the freedom to embrace a bigger range of possibilities provides greater choice in how we face various challenges.

Change can extend to trying different foods, spending time with people who have different life histories, enjoying a bigger range of experiences, being spontaneous, and ultimately just saying ‘yes’ more often. It is when we do say ‘yes’ and put ourselves into a new challenge that we develop new pathways in our mind and in one interpretation become more intelligent.

Human’s evolve most during change and exposing our self to variety and change can greatly enhance our own personal evolution and growth. Accepting challenges and being open to changing our self in the process can be life changing and encourage us to ultimately experience a bigger life.

Simon G. Brown
22 Belsize Square
London NW3 4HT
+44 (0) 20 7431 9897


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