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Kath Temple

Kath Temple

Kath Temple is The Success Psychologist, and this summer will see the relaunch of her online magazine Happiness, Energy & Spirit.

Kath is an MSc Psychologist, international NLP Master & Trainer, and an Executive Coach who is passionate about making a difference and leaving a lasting legacy of positive change. She established The Lifelong Learning Company in 1995, and is a social entrepreneur who runs The Happiness Foundation, a not-for-profit NHS funded organisation offering courses in Breaking the Cycle of Depression, Overcoming Anxiety & Panic Attacks, and Happiness Matters in Families.

She also runs World Change Agents which works with disadvantaged and troubled young people. Her private clinic is at The Saxon Centre, Paul McKenna has regularly referred clients to her for many years, Beccles.

Kath has recently created two new companies: Coaching Heads, and Live With Passion Events.

We are delighted that Kath shares here experience and expertise with the3rdi magazine as The Inspired Psychologist each month.

May I have the courage today
To live the life I would love
To postpone my dream no longer
But do at last what I came here for

Are you doing what you came here for? Are you working in your genius zone and enjoying doing the work you were born to do? I recently had to re-ask myself these questions, and the result is a growth in my vision, mission, and businesses.

As I look back at my one wild and precious life, there seems to have been past lives in this life.

In 1988, I had an enormous insight that changed my life. At the time it felt like a kind of ‘download‘, I don’t know how else to describe it. Once known it was difficult to doubt its wisdom, high intentions and rightness, and so I changed the direction of my life, which isn’t always an easy thing to do. Many things have happened between then and now. And now I’m experiencing waterfalls of blessed insights that awash me in grace, power, serenity, love, peace, knowing – and they humble me too.

Since 1995 when I first set up The Lifelong Learning Company, I have always loved my work. I fully believed I was doing what I was born to do, and that I was doing it in the way I was meant to do it. It’s been quite a ride! This has been heart-work, rather than hard work. It has always been my intention to use my gifts, talents, experience and expertise to enrich the lives of my clients, and to add enormous value. My business was, and is, wholly aligned with my values and vision, and I never believed for one moment that I played a small game – though now I do think that. Time to re-imagine.

I have sought to inspire lives and empower minds in a way that creates happiness and success. Success without happiness isn’t really success at all. I’ve sought to inspire a deeper sense of consciousness, connection, and contribution. I’ve helped people step into their power, infinite possibilities, and their pure potentiality. I’ve reminded them who they are and how powerful they are. And I’ve helped them earth their dreams, make them a reality, live their best lives, be all they can be, and have more fun and freedom.

My clients tell me I’m a great teacher. They have to be the judge of that, not me. I’ve certainly been a great student, and I’ve sat at the feet of many masters and thought-leaders. It’s been a massively powerful journey. This year my spiritual growth has been greatly accelerated, in an unprecedented way.

I feel like I walk with a foot in two worlds. I’m very spiritual, but also very earthy and wise, practical and powerful. I make things happen. We’re here to earth our gifts and talents, earth our dreams and make them a reality. We’re here to make something of this life. We’re here to find our joy, and let our lives bring joy to others. And I’m fun and funny too, and occasionally naughty! I make up phenomena like The Phucket Bucket – every home and office should have one! And I make up words to describe processes … words like ‘befuckment’, my clients occasionally befuck themselves – do you?

Yet, despite all of that, I feel like I’m being called to step up. To play a bigger game. It feels like I’ve become a seer, I’m being shown things. Packages of thoughts arrive in my mind. And just when I think I’ve got a handle on what I’ve been shown, I’m shown something else that’s even bigger and makes my knees knock! Could I be going nuts! But I don’t think so. It’s time to step up, even if that means opening myself up to ridicule, and being more vulnerable than I can remember.

You see, I’ve built up my experience and expertise, along with my character and credibility, year on year. It’s been important to me. With a BSc(Hons)Psych, and an MSc in psychology, I’ve considered myself a scientist, valuing evidence and research. And I can’t say I much welcome the idea of being thought of as a bit ‘woo-woo’! It scares the bejabers out of me! But nevertheless here I am, and being a bit, well, woo-woo frankly! So it isn’t easy to ‘come out’ so to speak. But here I am anyhow, knees knocking and everything! People will say what they will say. I can’t do anything about that. For me, it’s just important to honour what’s been given to me, what’s been shown to me.

So it’s official, I’m outing myself as a spiritual teacher. Was that a pin I heard dropping! Well tough, there it is, it’s out now, and so am I! I’m an awakener, a spiritualiser, a seer, a medicine woman, a messenger. Can you cope? Can I? Probably anyone who has done any training with me over the last 15 years, or who has been coached by me, or who has had therapy at my private clinic, already knows these things about me. Just that this side of Kath Temple has been a bit of a Secret Temple, until now. It was always there, under the radar, I’m just being a bit braver about it now.

And something must go to make way for the new. NLP has been my most favourite course to teach. It has allowed me much freedom, and it is the best tool-kit for transformation I can give any budding world change agent. I teach NLP ethically, with a lot of heart, soul, wisdom, great energy and fun. I’m probably the Apple Mac of the NLP world, different, cutting edge, innovative. But this autumn will see my final NLP Practitioner and NLP Masters (Jedi training!) for the foreseeable future. I’m making space to write books, to influence more influencers through my high level VIP mentoring programmes, my retreats, and the products I’m creating. It’s time for a change and I’m going to make something of this great second name of mine, Temple. And it’s going to be quite an adventure – I’ll keep you posted!

Letting go of the NLP trainings isn’t an easy thing to do as it has provided me with around 80% of my income. But new things cannot come where there is no room. My guidance is that this is what needs to happen. And so it shall be.

Risks sometimes need to be taken. Remind me of this if it all goes belly-up (I was going to write there ‘tits-up’ but thought better of it!). At least I’ll be congruent with my honouring of the messages and guidance I’ve received. And my intention is to achieve financial serenity, not sacrifice. Money is just liquid appreciation, just an energy. At one time it didn’t exist at all, we made it up! Provided good value is provided and given, the money will just show up. I trust. I have faith. And I trust me too, and I have faith in me, and in the future. I honour the bigger vision I now have.

Some of you may have yet more of your mission to fulfill, and I hope this column has been of some use to you in inspiring you to keep the faith in yourself, and to honour your mission, your sacred contract. If nothing else, I hope it has made you smile!

Until next time, May The Force Be With You! And may you keep smiling, keep shining, keep a wild yeeehaaa in your soul, and keep on keepin; on living that grander vision for your one wild and precious life!

with love
Kath Temple

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